Cigar Factory Experience

With you, here now, an all-new, uniquely packaged event that brings and matches the three best and ‘funnest’ plot lines in entertainment for our discerning clients!

The liquor & café pairing
for consummate flavors

The intellectual fun-ride derived from all the know-how imparted and shared during the experience

The smoking pleasure
of an on-the spot rolled cigar

grand Experience I

  • Tobacco Leaf Presentation: composition, quantity, quality in a cigar
  • Touch ‘n Smell Sensory Experience
  • Roll your own Cigar, channel your inner roller! In this package you’ll take the place of one of our level 9 rollers and get the lesson of a lifetime!
  • Cigar Rolling Process: cigar making explained from beginning to end
  • Cigar Cutting and Lighting Tips
  • Torcedor Rolling Experience
  • 2 Complimentary Cigars

*2-6 People Groups

*Duration: 30-45 minutes

* Guaranteed smoking in under 30 minutes

grand Experience II

  • Everything included in Version 1 plus: Sip & Pairing
  • 2 Complimentary Cigars
  • With your choice of coffee or complimentary drinks that we offer in this package. If Customer has a preferred pairing drink they are welcome to bring their own.
  • Chocolate pairing, and sensation tastings

*2-6 People Groups

*Duration: 1 hour

* Guaranteed smoking in under 50 minutes

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