All of us at Cremo Cigars send wishes of good health to you and yours. While the world grapples with the magnitude of the coronavirus and its impacts, we hope that you are taking the time to exercise healthy hygiene and proper self-care. If it’s not necessary for you to go out in public, then take the time to stay inside. Play games, binge watch your favorite shows, or just take it easy. And if taking it easy is more your speed, then bring along a handmade Cremo cigar!

While Cremo Cigars won’t solve our world’s current health problem, (but we know that many are working very hard to find a cure), a Cremo cigar may help make dealing with a tough situation a little easier. With its smooth, rich taste and savory aroma, a handmade, American-born Cremo cigar can help calm nerves. Think about sitting outside with a Cremo in hand and letting it wash away all the noise and chaos. We know that it won’t solve the problems of the world, but a delicious Cremo cigar may help you deal with them.

Again, may good health be yours!

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